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Sanders ATA Martial Arts

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My name is Chief Master Shane Sanders and I am a 8th degree Black Belt in the art of Songahm Taekwondo. I am a certified instructor with ATA Martial Arts International, a certified Warrior Krav Maga instructor, a Warrior X-Fit Kickboxing instructor, and a Safety Net Kids instructor. (Safety Net Kids is a program that educates children regarding child safety and abuse prevention.)


I have studied the art of Songahm Taekwondo since 1986 and have achieved the title of Chief Master. Throughout my career I have earned an ATA World Championship title, several state championship titles, and have trained in Korea with the Songham Taekwondo Grand Master. My career in the ATA has allowed me to pass on my knowledge of martial arts, and to educate and empower a wide variety of students, ranging from ages 3 to 60+, including those with physical and mental challenges.


I pride myself on offering my students the very best martial arts training, provided by the most outstanding instructors around.


I look forward to having you as a student, and welcoming you into my ATA family!



Chief Master Shane Sanders

8th Degree Black Belt


Our Instructors

Chief Master Sanders  -  8th Degree Black Belt

Master Coelho  -  6th Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Corrin Starr  -  5th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Logan Sanders  -  5th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Mark Pengra  -  4th Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Sharon Jones  -  4th Degree Black Belt

Ms. Morghan Wilcox  -  4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. John Fashing  -  4th Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Rebecca Strong  -  4th Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Alicia Kraft  -  3rd Degree Black Belt

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